About me

Hi. I’m an Englishman, so no matter how well travelled and how shouty my industry, I revulse at the thought of writing about oneself. That said, this website (or rather small collection of pages) is daringly open and transparent so you’ll see all sides of me – human being and professional human being so here goes…

I am a committed, genuine and oft obsessive chap who likes to think before doing. However, I also enjoy thinking outside the box and daring to experiment with new things – yes I’ll take your dare to skinny dip with seals in Halcombe, I’ll eat a stir-fried silkworm (once) and I’ll try selling in a client’s technology faux-pas to a top journalist if it opens the door to an honest and interesting story people actually want to read.

I am fascinated by how technology and science can improve lives, protect the environment and help companies deliver better experience to their customers. I know a fair bit about electronics and computers (got a degree innit), IT, satellites and energy technologies and I wish I knew about more about biotech, life sciences and space.

Professionally, I plan and do b2b public relations and content marketing – the sort of programmes that employ media relations and targeted TOFU (top of funnel) channels to get right people to consider why a company and its offering could be important to them. Today in plain speak that means finding influential people [ed. jargon: influencers] and potential customers searching the web, checking their email, reading a publication or showing off on social media and getting a dialogue going.

I have had the privilege of working with influencers and fellow PR / marcoms professionals in Europe, the Middle East, Africa (EMEA) and the US and getting an understanding of who they are and what matters to them and their home markets.

PS I also # sudo build websites, blogs, podcasts and other digital stuff which is great fun and rewarding. I co-founded Podcast Production Ltd in 2007 and worked for OPEC, Zurich insurance, Scottish Life and the government’s Business Link advice service.

At home, I like to cook. Because I like to eat, obviously, I mean who doesn’t? I particularly enjoy baking bread (photos to come), cooking curries and eating real Chinese food. I also like walking (does hiking sound more impressive?) and aspire to be a half-decent photographer. I am married and have a wonderful young daughter who keeps us busy and entertained when Peppa doesn’t have her hypnotised on the sofa. I have eclectic taste in music from folk and jazz to drum & bass, rock and heavy metal.

Finally, I enjoy meeting people from other countries and cultures. I enjoy a Bratwurst und bier with my German friends, a glass of Saumur with my French friends, a beef rendang with my Malaysian friends and alot of dumplings with my Chinese wife and family.

Skills and experience à la LinkedIn

  • PR strategy and management
  • Writing
  • Media relations
  • SEO / SEM
  • Content strategy and management
  • Video storytelling, podcasting
  • Social media strategy and management
  • Digital lead generation and nurturing (not a specialism at this point)
  • Web development (HTML , CSS, WordPress specialism)