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Homogenisation (of data not foodstuffs)

LinkedIn and the data-driven homogenisation of people

I am currently looking for new career opportunities on LinkedIn, and it has inspired me to write a quick blog post about structured data and its importance under the hood to keeping the wheels of digital systems turning. IMHO LinkedIn is very impressive. It has grown within its role as a business networking site, embracing […]

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Backup lesson – beware of nuking iCloud Photos

I’m the first to tell anyone in business or at home to back up properly. So how did iCloud Photos just ruin my day, and how can you avoid the same peril? Like many Apple users, I thought I would give iCloud Photos a crack. At the time I was taking alot of photos on […]

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Bitnami saved my life but does it have prospects for enterprise?

Hello world. This is a quick 10 minute braindump on Bitnami. For anyone who hasn’t heard of Bitnami, it’s a neat resource for people that don’t want to hassle of configuring and deploying web applications or don’t know how. You set up an a WordPress installation that’s fully featured and reasonably secure and reliable in […]

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Story telling wizards

The Marketing – PR content paradox

It’s been a while since I wrote a blog that wasn’t borne of a client’s goals, but every piece of content starts somewhere. And that’s the point of this blog (in case you miss it) Every organisation is different, but fundamentally there’s an imperative to drive forward an agenda from within the business and a […]

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