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Macbook pro with empty latte

Content is king, but it’s more than words

I have just started writing this blog. I’m sitting in a café just off Covent Garden surrounded by 100 PR consultancies and lord knows how many more hacks and freelancers crouched over their silver machines with latte aside and fingers poised to type. However, as journalists and their nemeses would concur in a hearty conference […]

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Cuckoo rice cooker

Chinese beef and turnip stew

So we’ve been experimenting with slow cooking recently at home. It all started when I was talking to Christina about making a tasty Chinese-style clear stew using beef shin and luo bo (it’s a long radish-life turnip). Slow cooking is a misnomer. That’s because we braved exploring the other functions on our inexplicably complex Korean rice cooker […]

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Frog in pastels

I snapped this frog in a pond way back in 2012 using my 7D and a basic Tamron telescopic lens. I stumbled upon it today and thought you might enjoy it too. It’s a tricky subject because there were half a dozen frogs itching to move in the pond, dim light and the reflections from […]

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