Chinese beef and turnip stew

So we’ve been experimenting with slow cooking recently at home. It all started when I was talking to Christina about making a tasty Chinese-style clear stew using beef shin and luo bo (it’s a long radish-life turnip).

Beef brisket with turnip stew

Beef brisket with turnip stew

Slow cooking is a misnomer. That’s because we braved exploring the other functions on our inexplicably complex Korean rice cooker to pressure cook the shin on the bone in around 1 hour 15 mins. Once the rice cooker told us it had finished (yes it talks), we spooned out the soft meat and bones, added the lou bo and made our authentic Chinese stew.

Cuckoo rice cooker

Ssh! The Cuckoo’s cooking

Its has a subtle flavour of freshly made beef stock, asian spice and will warm your cockles no matter how cold it gets outside.

PS. If you have a Waitrose nearby, you might find they stock some surprising cuts of meat. I picked up both Ossobucco and beef shin recently and they’ve even got bone marrow at the minute.

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